Concept: A modular sludge system of about 20 different pieces, 6′ back to back. Toxic sludge all the way. I went way overboard on this! […]

Ramshack Fortress

Concept: A modular post-apocalyptic stronghold that would have been hastily constructed using sheet metal and scrap wood. A perfect hideout for raiders or desperate survivors. […]


Concept: A simple project: urban public spaces such as parks often have memorials. While these often have statues or plaques, some are more abstract with […]

Fences and Hedges

Concept: A set of wire fences and hedges. Both were made for Zona Alfa in autumn / Eastern european aesthetics. Everything had to look rather […]

Garage and Helipad

Concept: The garage. I wanted to have an elevated stop for a last stand of where a group of models could hold a defensive position. […]

Bombed Out Building and Fences

Concept: Chain link fence, picket fence and bombed out building. Basically, post-apocalyptic urban elements, ruined and damaged but still recognizable. The fences were made with […]

Coms Tower

Concept: One of those ramshackle, spur of the moment, throw-everything-together-with-glue projects. The concept was a communications tower which could double as a unique, 360 degrees […]


Concept: A modular rampart system with about 6′ of walls, two platforms, four angles and a gate. An early project. I wanted to be able […]


Concept: One of my first projects. Simple enough: the ruins of a fortress, elevated. With means an even ground, some walls. The plateau may have […]

Black Tower

Concept: “The Dark Tower of Abyss” by Rhapsody of Fire rang in my head the whole time. The kind of tower fit for a necromancer. […]

Dark Fortress

Concept: Fortresses dot the European landscape during the early period of the Middle-Ages, some left over by the Roman Empire, some built by fledgling warring […]


Concept: An early and simple project I didn’t think much of at first. But you quickly realize that small pieces like fences, debris and other […]

Fields and Cottage

Concept: This is a collection of various small projects for a rather peaceful country ensemble. Two fields – one that’s in late-season and the other […]

Cursed Hill

Concept: The Cursed Hill is just that: what used to be a pristine hill, now corrupted by darkness, as represented by the sorrowful statue and […]

Ruined Church

Concept: One of my most ambitious early projects, took me nearly three months working daily in a shed in my old place, in the Fall […]