Concept: Part of the Winter modular board project: a dolmen circle and the icy hill (plus some woods)! First off, the dolmen. I love rocks as a terrain feature: fun to sculpt, easy to achieve a good result to paint. But how to give rocks a more defined thematic character? Dolmen are easy to recognize. Though getting actual dimensions for scale was guesswork. At first I hoped models could stand on the dolmen but the snow rounded the surface and they won’t stand (safely anyway!). The hill is another matter, where wargame ends prevailed over natural design. As a geographer, I know that no rock formation looks like that, with such a steep face and a sloped one, in nature. But I wanted an elevated platform, and 1:3 slope to put models on without them slipping, so there you go! Choices. Ha. The forest is a collection of movable pieces, 1-2 trees and 1-2 rocks each, with a clump of snow as a base – even modular boards need some pieces you can move around for different configurations.

Trees by Woodland Scenics, models by Warlord and Mantic.

Materials: Polystyrene. The snow is made from a mix of PVA, white acrylic paint and baking soda. Icicles from melted plastic ustentils.

What I’d do differently: The dolmen circle is a bit too small for manipulation (big surprise!). The hill has little cover, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

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