Your average human model measures 25mm

Hi! My name’s Bruno (Raven) and this is my wargaming terrain blog. I’ve been crafting terrain as a hobby for years and simply wanted a place to showcase some of my work.

This terrain is meant for miniature wargaming, 1/48 – 1/56 scale. So I’ll add some pictures from a different project every week or so, with some commentary, and hey, maybe you’ll even find some inspiration!

Watching stop-motion animation as a kid, I’ve always wanted to learn how to craft those incredible miniature worlds, and only after years of playing boardgames did I get into wargaming and the fun of making terrain out of scraps (which is actually a lot smaller than what’s used in stop-motion!). My professional background is in geography and fiction and I find translating knowledge of landscape and places and three-dimensional thinking with the purpose of telling a story incredibly satisfying. But also, the hobby is a great way to relieve anxiety, not to mention getting away from luminous screens and working with your hands is good for the brain!

My terrain philosophy is fairly “punk-rock DIY”: do what you can, out of whatever you find, and have a blast! I’m inspired by fantasy and post-apocalyptic mostly. I also try to use environmentally responsible materials as much as possible, some professional stuff, but I try to avoid made-ready pieces like the plague – while you can always buy exquisitely looking terrain, making it is so much more rewarding. So models aside, what you’ll see here is about 95% original, designed from scratch. These pieces are not dioramas, they were made for wargaming purposes, meaning realistic and durable, always the fruit of compromise… and everything that goes wrong along the way!