Concept: A modular rampart system with about 6′ of walls, two platforms, four angles and a gate. An early project. I wanted to be able to deploy seamless, fortified walls of any length and shape on any map. The project proved too ambitious and I had hurdles at every step, leading me to rush through. One of those “it’s either imperfect and complete or I’ll thrown this thing out the window” moments. For instance, I wanted sharpened wooden beams, but had no mechanicals tools to achieve that result, so I started widdling individual craft stricks with a knife and made about half a dozen in so many hours. It wasn’t feasable, so in the end most beams are cut squarely. Then I wanted to use PVA glue for the whole structure, but when it came to applying an ink wash, the water base dissolved some of the PVA and I had to rebuild whole sections. Then, the gate door system (using real hinges built for small locket / jewelry boxes) failed because the magnets were too weak, and the doors too heavy, so the doors don’t quite close and are crooked (but who cares!). I ended up with a heavy directionnal wash with china ink and paint to simulate mud / charred wood on the rampart face, the contrast is way too stark but at least it makes an effect. Lastly, the battering ram is the second in a set of two, it’s the evil counterpart (see Dark Fortress).

The spike / anti-cavalry structures are actually my first ever project, fairly simple, mostly just bamboo skewers.

Models by Mantic, Reaper, Warlord.

Materials: Craft sticks galore, some Woodland Scenics flock and grass, MDF bases. Ladders from bamboo skewers and tooth picks. The battering ram is all craft sticks, bamboo skewers to simulate sharpened bones, plus the head of a goat from a dollar store farm set. Some chains from a hardware store.

What I’d do differently: It’s quantity vs quality, a 6′ long modular structure can take forever, so on the result / speed ratio, the project worked. But yeah, using a wash for the walls nearly ruined the project by dissolving the PVA, so using all cyanoacrylite from the start would have been smarter. Accessories like banners would sell the theme more I think.

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