Concept: A set of wire fences and hedges. Both were made for Zona Alfa in autumn / Eastern european aesthetics. Everything had to look rather dull but I still wanted some tragic beauty to emanate from the pieces. Ha, concepts! For the fences, I was aiming at these agricultural livestock fences you see occasionnaly, with straight rusty wire and half rotten wooden posts. I used stems, crushed leaves and bits from my all types of plants in my backyard (during the Fall, how appropriate) and varnished them with a spray. The wires are actual wires bought at a craft store. It was hell to glue everything. I drilled holes into an MDF base to dry fit the wooden sticks (which were also pre-worn with a knife). For the hedges I pretty much cheated: I found this bag of yellow flock made from what appears to be peat moss (?) in a craft store somewhere, and using these with lots of glue I slowly built up the hedges and sprayed them with varnish. 

Models from Warlord and Descent.

Materials: Craft wooden sticks, wire, natural flock from the weeds in my backyard. Army painter static grass. Some dollar store ungodly flocking material (again, peat moss? What is this thing!).

What I’d do differently: If it’s detailed and intricate terrain, you can be sure it’ll be fragile as well. Both these pieces are frail, some flake over the mat every time I pull them out. The wooden posts are super tough at least, since they were fit through holes in the MDF. Not sure what I would do diffently, the tradeoff seems inevitable.

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