Concept: A modular sludge system of about 20 different pieces, 6′ back to back. Toxic sludge all the way. I went way overboard on this! But it was a lot of fun. It was a bit of a speed build, using foamboard and just two colors. As with all modular systems, I wanted it to be flexible and fit any scenario, any configuration. There are two intersections (the platform and reservoir) and everything else is canals at various angles, with some “stoppers” and some points of origin like the three pipe section and the busted up control station. The challenge was coming up with the right green color (it’s actually quite cheap acrylic) and using gloss medium as an overcoat to give it that heft and shine. I also mixed some gloss medium with the paint to make the pouring effect you see from the pipes (that are actually bubble tea straws).

Minis by Games Workshop (cultists) and CMON.

Materials: Foamboard, acrylic, gloss medium. Grid material cut from tree winter cover.

What I’d do differently: It’s punk-rock! Pretty barebones, but I’m happy with it. The biggest problem is with the modular system: there’s no anchorage system, and the pieces are not weighted, and they’re small (about 3”) so what do you think happens? They get nudged out of the place at the slightest and it’s a pain. So either bigger / heavier pieces, or magnets, or some fancy clickity system.


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