Concept: This is a collection of various small projects for a rather peaceful country ensemble. Two fields – one that’s in late-season and the other one harvested. Some fences, wooden and stone. And a medieval cottage with a fireplace and a removable ceiling. Those are basically meant as recurring background objects for a fantasy setting, not too wild or eye-catching, but uniform and fitting enough to carry the theme. Nobody stands in awe of a little wooden fence – if it’s well made, but remove it and you’ll feel the difference. Note: the cottage was a “speed” project for an upcoming game, so I had about a week for the whole project. Influenced by a mix of viking longhouses and middle-age European houses. It’s my answer to those cute MDF pre-cut houses that set you back 30CAD unassembled, unpainted. Mine cost about 3 CAD total. Take that, capitalism.

Model from Dungeon Alliance. Crates and barrels by Mantic. Chair by Sarissa Precision.

Materials: Cottage walls in foamboard. Craft sticks and bamboo skewers for roof. Craft sticks for the floor with a paint, wash and drybrush. The fields are made from a carpet! Cut strands from a jute string for the harvested field. Army Painter grass for the other. Polystryrene for the stone walls (cut each block individually and assembled the walls manually).

What I’d do differently: The cottage was made quickly and it shows, some defects here and there. The design could have been more original (and the cottage less anachronistic).

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